Price Stability

Two assets

eCoin & eShares. eCoin will be the intended currency, while eShares will be the investible asset that enables the creation of new eCoins and their removal from the system.

Elastic supply model

The supply of eCoin will be able to adjust with demand.  As demand increases, so will the supply of eCoin and vice-versa, enabling eCoin to maintain a stable price.

Internal exchange market

The eCoin System will consist of a decentralized internal exchange market (“eCoin DEX”) that enables users to exchange eCoin and eShares.  These transactions will be logged on the blockchain.  The eCoin DEX will also play a prominent role in providing price stability to eCoin.

Independence from fiat currency

With the use of decentralized external price feeds, the price of eCoin will be pegged to the average residential consumer price of one kilowatt-hour of electricity in the United States.  This will provide price stability, while also ensuring eCoin maintains its purchasing power better than fiat.

Transactional Privacy

Encrypted blockchain

eCoin transactions will be uniquely encrypted end-to-end.

Independent payment verification

Transactions may be independently verified via a unique transaction token id (only divulged by sender or receiver).


Private transactions take place in a matter of seconds (instead of minutes to hours as found with other cryptos).

Tor integration

The eCoin System will have full integration and support for the anonymizing Tor service.

Democratic Governance

Democratic blockchain

eShares holders will vote via the Internal Voting System (“IVS”) directly on the blockchain.

Stakeholder control

eShares holders will be able to create proposals for changes to the eCoin System and any changes to the system will require eShares holder approval via a democratic process on the IVS.

eShares Foundation

eShares holders will vote via the IVS on a continuous basis for members of the eShares Foundation board of directors (the nonprofit representative organization of eCoin), through a form of negative voting.

Separation of duties

After release of the eCoin System, the Coin Project shall no longer make decisions for the eCoin System but shall assume the role of being solely a developer, working under the eShares Foundation.