What is the eCoin Project

We are a group of crypto-enthusiasts working toward the creation of a new cryptocurrency called the eCoin-eShares Cryptocurrency System (a.k.a. the eCoin System, or eCoin for short).

We Bitcoin and all cryptos. Even more, we love the potential that cryptos have to offer in providing an alternative to the weaknesses of fiat currency and the current state of our monetary, banking, and financial system. However, there is a problem.

Bitcoin and cryptos have fundamental weaknesses:

  • high price volatility
  • lack of transactional privacy
  • failure to have proper governance

These weaknesses greatly hinder the use, value, utility, and sustainability of Bitcoin and cryptos. Unless a new crypto provides a solution to these problems, we will never have a true alternative to fiat currency and our current banking system. Our goal is to develop the eCoin System as that solution.

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